Call2Fix: The maintenance solution

Call2fix is an app which provides an end to end process automation for activities involved in the delivery, execution, and management of facility services and maintenance operation. It is an on-demand, round-the-clock, digital application that connects building maintenance professionals with customers in need of maintenance or repair services in their homes or offices, thereby, extending standard Facilities Maintenance services to property owners who might not be able to contract Facilities Management services due to the volume of work involved or financial issues. Call2fix is a robust system built to provide real-time response and execution to maintenance and services related requests.

Beyond domesticating Facilities Management and bringing the services closer to the people,its major goal is to work with Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) within the built sector to improve the service delivery value-chain, encourage maintenance culture and contribute to job creation by providing an ecosystem where customers and qualified service providers can connect to get quality service and good visibility respectively. It assures best service providers for various home and office services such as cleaning, pest control, appliances repairs, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Benefits of Call2Fix

  • Increase transaction and awareness level for maintenance culture.
  • Address security concerns through automation and verifiable background checks.
  • Give the market a transparent and rusted billing system and reliable network of artisans.
  • Control and manage the entire transaction process from the comfort of a phone.
  • Democratize professional Facilities Management Services, makes it accessible and affordable for all.
  • Present the market artisans trained to international standards.
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