Call2Fix, The Easy Way to Fix Your Building Repairs and Home Service Needs from your Phone

Have you ever looked at that spot or appliance in your home or office and wished you could fix it right away but there’s just no time?

A study shows that many Nigerians ignore making repairs that are needed in their buildings because of a lack of maintenance culture. [SO1] You have probably seen homes and offices that look like they have seen better days, right. Most times, the reason people embrace a lack of maintenance culture is the high cost of securing the right artisan as well as the complicated process that follows.

Truthfully, between the demands of work, family and every other thing that competes for time, things like making repairs in the building, ensuring that only trusted hands are hired for repairs and other building projects sometimes demand more time, effort and money than we can give. All this just affect how we view or prioritise maintenance, which is now described as poor maintenance culture.

After three years in Lagos, Sophie* finally found the time to call a plumber to fix a pipe that had been leaking in her apartment. She was literally fetching water into a basket due to this defective pipeline and her electricity bill is better imagined than experienced.

Before fixing the pipe, she did not even know that it was the reason she always needed the air conditioner on for longer than necessary. The constant leakage meant that the humidity level of the house was always high and made her space hotter than normal.

Like Sophie, a lot of people either have a hard time fixing things around the buildings, getting quality materials or just finding the right artisan or handyman who will be professional and fix the issues for good. The consequent lackadaisical attitude to the repairs is usually costly both emotionally and financially.

Professional Artisans for your Building Repair Needs is now a Click away.

Think of it like the Uber or Bolt app where you can order for a ride, get a driver to pick you up and take you to wherever you need to be.

Call2Fix is the same except that this time, you are ordering for someone to render services ranging from maintaining your house, keeping the lawns manicured, cleaning or fumigating, doing interior decorations, electrical installations and a host of other building and home services.

On Call2fix, different categories of handymen and vendors come together to create an array of services that people have a need for from time to time. Vendors register to sell home and office equipment, merchants can rent out their equipment to contractors working on your buildings and handymen can fix things around your home or office

How it works

Either by calling 0700 25742 6323 or downloading the mobile app from your android or IOS devices, you can order and get professionals for your building repairs, a vendor for your materials needs and rental services in case you need equipment. All of these at affordable prices and with access to more than one quote or cost estimate.

Any time you request a service, Call2fix takes your request, searches for a fit and matches you with up to five qualified professionals closest to you. Through its video recording feature, you can describe the problem to the five selected service providers and ask for a quote from each of them. You can choose your preferred vendor, artisan or service provider based on the quote they sent, ratings and reviews from other customers and other criteria of your choice.

With the new model of working from home that is gaining ground because of the covid-19, having a defined workspace in the home is now essential. Research shows that having a nicely decorated space where things function as expected can improve productivity generally by 30%.

As more young people work from home, it is important to distinguish the work environment in the house and to make sure it encourages productivity and creativity.

Call2fix has the right mix of professionals that you can schedule for periodic building maintenance as well as hire for other home services and generally tune-ups of your space without breaking your budget.

Payment is made on Call2fix and you can fund your virtual wallet on the app from your bank account. In the case where you have an emergency need and you don’t have enough funds in your Call2fix wallet or bank account, you can request a loan which will be used to take care of your housing need and payback after.

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