Alpha Mead Launches Building Maintenance App, Call2Fix

A subsidiary of the Alpha Mead Group and Africa’s leading Facilities Management Company, Alpha Mead Facilities has launched a building maintenance app, Call2Fix.

Call2Fix is an on-demand mobile application “conceived to liberalize and democratize maintenance services in Africa”, said Femi Akintunde, Group Managing Director of Alpha Mead, during the official press briefing in Lagos.

“Our goal for Call2Fix is simple”, Akintunde continued; “we just want to connect people and organizations in need of quality building repair services with trained and reliable artisans or material merchants closest to them, from the comfort of their mobile devices”.

He said that the app is designed as a response to all the challenges of accessing quality building maintenance and repair services.

“Call2Fix is a mobile app conceived to improve accessibility to quality building and maintenance services by empowering both the customer and the service providers in a manner that professionalism, transparency and accountability are greatly enhanced”.

“Over the past 36 months, we have worked in the shoes of an average Nigerian business and individuals seeking quality repair services. Along the journey, we noted the pain points around searching for artisans, banking on their reliability, professionalism, raising the cost of repair materials, and the lack of choice in the artisan and materials.”

“Call2Fix is a direct solution to these problems. We have built-in features that make search seamless and convenient, protect our customers, loved ones and funds, and reduce the impact of shoddy repair services on Real Estate assets.


Akintunde also noted that the Call2Fix solutions aim to create employment and wealth and directly impact interest in technical education and present the market with more qualified and professional artisans. “With Call2Fix, we are hoping that these value chain stakeholders can have access to more job opportunities”, he enthused.

In his product demo presentation, Olusesan Ogunyooye, Head, Marketing & Corporate Comms, Alpha Mead Group, said during the research and development process, the spectrum of challenges in the building repair value chain were summed up to security, convenience, accountability and reliability. He said the Call2Fix fix has been designed to resolve these issues around these challenges.

Ogunyooye commented: “We have all had personal experiences with artisans such as plumbers, electricians, AC repairers and carpenters, etc who either keep them waiting for hours or miss appointments, charges fraudulently, and yet, still do a shoddy job. Call2Fix is out to change this narrative”, he explained.

He explained that with Call2Fix, customers need not worry again about quality services, finding the right artisan, security of their homes or having the fear of being swindled by artisans; as the app is built to empower the customer throughout the entire transaction process from the comfort of a mobile device.

The app is available for download for both IOS and Android users.

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