From Fixing Sink to Making Hair, see 5 House Services A Call2fix Artisan Can Do for You

Tik, Tok, Tik, Tok… Sade cringed as she listened to the sounds of water dripping from her kitchen sink. “You just cannot trust these artisans with any household repairs these days,” she muttered as she looked for a piece of rag to clean the puddle.    

It was barely a week ago since the last “professional artisan” came to repair the sink. In fact, that was the 5th time in 3 months and it was getting on her nerves.  

“What should I do now?” She asked, “this annoying sink just keeps gulping my money!” Not knowing what to do but needing a permanent solution, she called her friend, Tega, for some help.  

“Hey, Tegs, how you dey?”  

“I’m good”, Tega responded, covering a yawn, “It’s 6:30 am on a Saturday, why are you up so early?”  

Shade explained her troubles with the kitchen sink and asked, “Do you know anyone good, like really good, and can fix this? This sink is messing up my kitchen and I’m tired of wasting money on artisans that are only making things worse”.  

After a moment’s thought, Tega responded, “I think I may have just the right people. My neighbour booked an electrician from this new app, Call2Fix, and he did an excellent job. She said the rate was affordable and, let me get you a link to the app on the Play store” 

“Thanks B, I appreciate this.” She said and they moved on to other topics. Afterwards, she downloaded the app and booked a plumber to fix the sink that very day. 


Like Shade, many people have been disappointed by artisans. 

On social media, people recount so many experiences of “what I ordered from an artisan vs what I got”. Putting an end to this era of “Stories that touch” is why the Call2Fix app was launched. 

Naturally, you will have questions about the app. Who can use the app? Who are the owners of the app? How do you know you’ll get the right fit for the job you have on ground? Well, each of these questions is going to be answered in this blog and you will also get to know 5 incredibly helpful things that you can do with the app. 

First, Call2Fix is an artisan-on-demand mobile app and is a product of Alpha Mead. Our parent company is the first Nigerian Real Estate Development & Infrastructure Company certified to international standards (ISO 9001:2015) by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS).  

Call2fix has more than 1000 professional artisans available to render all kinds of services that you may need whether in an office, a home or an event. Call2Fix operators serve as escrow agents and hold your payment in trust until the artisan completely and satisfactorily does the job that you paid for. 

That said, here are 5 things that you can do on the app: 

  1. Order household and office items: On the app, you can search for and order any item that you need in your home or office. These items include but are not limited to tables, chairs, lamps, electrical fittings, lawnmowers, paint, laptops. After ordering, you can pay immediately and have them delivered to your preferred destination.
  2. Get an artisan for home and office repair needs: Whether it is an emergency or not, you can always get an artisan to repair faults, install new equipment or handle technical tasks all at the click of a button on our mobile app.
  3. Outsource and automate regular tasks: You can have an artisan take care of your regular tasks such as cleaning and pay them through our app after you are satisfied with the work done.
  4. Get events catered for: I bet you thought it was only repairs and technical services Call2fix provides. Skilled professionals that you can get include Master of Ceremonies, Caterer and Dispatchers.
  5. Get beauty care: You can book a home hairstyling or barbing session right from the app. Other personal care services available on the app include gele tying, body massaging, as well as fitness training.

Download the app for android devices here and iOS devices here and start enjoying these services and more today. 

 Oh, when Shade called Tega to tell her about the job that the Call2fix plumber did, here is what she said, “Thanks, babe! That app is a lifesaver!” 

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