3 Pro Tips to set up a creative home workspace for maximum productivity

3 Pro Tips to set up a creative home workspace for maximum productivity

One of the lasting impacts of the covid-19 lockdowns is that people are now familiar with working from home. From being instructed to work remotely so that the spread of the coronavirus can be reduced, people have embraced remote working as a lifestyle. Software developers, graphic designers, copywriters and other skilled company workers now choose to work from home in an environment that inspires and frees them from stress. 

To make your Work From Home adventure a consistently productive one, your work environment is a huge factor. The ideal Work From Home workspace is comfortable, inspiring, and gets you in the mood for productive work. 

If you work from your bedroom or dining table, the disruptions from friends and family are signs that you need a Zone that tells people “Hey, I’m currently working and I don’t want to be disturbed”. 

So, how do you put together a workspace that will boost your productivity without breaking your back? These 3 pro tips will help you set up an inspiring, comfortable and affordable Work From Home workspace. 

Create a Pinterest board of ideas 

The very first thing that you should do is to create a Pinterest board. You will need ideas for colours as well as what to include in your workspace and Pinterest is a great platform for that. You can window shop virtually and check out the Work From Home setups of other people. 

You can label your Pinterest board ‘Work From Home Ideas’ and start adding Pins that appeal to you. A pin is a picture that you find on Pinterest. You may have to download Pinterest if you are not browsing on a computer.  

If you are not sure where to start, click here for some Work From Home Setups that we already searched for on Pinterest. Look out for chairs, work tables and useful equipment that catch your fancy as well as decorations among the Pinterest options.  

As you find Pins that you like, add them to your board and when you are done, let’s move to Pro Tip number 2. 

Consult a Work From Home Workspace decorator  

Once you have your board of setup ideas created, the next step is to consult a Workspace decorator to know what will work and what you do not need. At this point, you should have a budget and a fairly clear picture of what you want your workspace to look like. 

A great reason to work with a consultant is your budget. For instance, if an item on your board is too expensive for you, the workspace decorator can help you find something similar that will work and is within your budget. He/She will also have great tips for achieving a stunning arrangement that will not use up all the space in the room you will be working in. 

If you have finetuned your Work From Home board with a Workspace Decorator, then you are good to move on to Pro Tip number 3. Let’s order some good-looking work equipment! Yay! 

Order Work From Home equipment from one vendor or platform 

At this stage, here is a word of caution: Order what you have decided on from one vendor or platform. That way, you only have to keep track of one supplier for your work from home equipment and you can return items easily if you need to.  

Not every work from home equipment supplier will have everything you need, but there is a solution for that. 

You can order every piece of equipment that you need through Call2fix and we will ensure that they are delivered to your doorstep, every single one of them. Besides the convenience of ordering everything from one place, you can also request a proven Workspace Decorator from Call2fix to help you put together an elegant workspace that will keep your creative juices flowing. 

If you prefer to speak with a Call2fix Care personnel instead of requesting here, you can easily reach one on 0700257426323. 

Once your work from home equipment and decoration starts arriving, it is time to have fun with the arranging. Don’t forget to take pictures to capture the moments, you could even frame one and put it beside your work computer.  

Now that your workspace is set up, enjoy working from home without distractions or neck aches.   

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