DIY fumigation plan to keep your home pest-free

DIY fumigation plan to keep your home pest-free

When your house stops feeling like yours because rats, spiders and other crawlies have made themselves at home, you know it is time to fumigate.  Fumigation is when you or someone else uses chemicals called fumigants to get rid of pests in an enclosed space. The space can be a home, office, garage or any other covered space. 

Pests can get inside a building in a number of ways and rapidly multiply. Sometimes the infestation already happened before one moved in or started using the space. At other times, the pest may crawl their way in through pipe leaks, old boxes that are brought in from the garage or exposed cracks and spaces in walls, ceilings and other parts of the building.  No matter how the pests found their way in, they are uncomfortable to live with and can be harmful to human health. That means you need to get rid of them.  

To do this, you can either contact a professional fumigation company or do the fumigation yourself if it is on a very small scale. However, because of the health hazards that fumigants pose to human lives, it is advisable to call in professionals to look through the space, evaluate the extent of fumigation needed and do the fumigation themselves.  If you want to take the do-it-yourself approach, read on. We’ve got you covered.  

 Here are four simple steps to take your house back from those disrespectful pests.  

Determine the types of pests and pick a fumigant 

The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of pest that has entered your house. Once you’ve listed out the pest(s) you are dealing with, you can go online or to a physical store to buy the appropriate fumigants that will eradicate them.  

Choose the time and make a plan 

Since a fumigation process will go beyond just burning mosquito coils, you will need to arrange for alternative accommodation for yourself while the fumigation is taking place. If you have pets and edible plants, then you should put them away from the house for the time being as well.  

 To be sure you have dotted your Is and crossed your Ts, look through the space you want to fumigate, then create a checklist of what needs to be protected from the fumigants. Once you are done, have those things taken out of the space. 

 Don’t forget to store your glassware, cookware and other utensils in a safe place where the fumigants will not touch them. Remember, you will use your kitchen utensils after the fumigation is over and you don’t want to use contaminated items. 

Open drawers and expose infested areas 

Next,  you should identify the places where the pests have infested as well as other enclosed areas where they can hide.  Open your drawers and leave cupboards open as well so that the fumigants can reach every nook and cranny.  

 Very important: Ensure that you follow the instructions that are on the label of the fumigant regarding the places to close and the ones to open. 


Again, make sure that you’re fully prepared to stay somewhere else and your house is in the required shape for the fumigation.  

Wear a mask on your face to protect yourself from dangerous fumes. Then apply the fumigants.  

 Carefully follow the instructions that come with the fumigants and start releasing the chemicals into the atmosphere. 

Let the fumigant work 

Depending on the instructions that accompany the fumigant, leave your house for as long as is needed and let the chemicals work.  

 After adequate time has passed, wear your face mask and go inside the building, open the windows and doors, and let fresh air enter in.  

 Then leave the house and allow it to be properly aerated before coming back inside.  

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 Rid the house of the dead pests, and bring back your pets and flowers. Don’t forget to wash your utensils before you start using them again.  You should know though, DIY fumigation can waste your time and money if you do not do it properly. It can also put you and your loved ones at risk of the harmful gases from the fumigant. 

It is for this reason that most people prefer to hire a professional fumigation company to take over the entire process.  If you would rather have a professional company fumigate for you. You can request one by filling this form here or call Call2fix on 0700257426323, to match you up with the one closest to you. 


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