How to start booking artisans on Call2fix

How to start booking artisans on Call2fix

Jadesola, aka Jade, laughed as she watched her mother try to make sense of the Google Play store and download the Call2fix app. She had overheard her parents talking about what a nice app Call2fix is and how much easier it will make their lives in the long and short term. 

Peering over her mom’s shoulder, she said, “Just give it to me, mom. Let me download it and I will show you how to start booking artisans on the app. 

Sizing her daughter up, the mother replied, “So you knew you could help me before and you sat down there all this time?”  


“Typical African moms,” Jade thought to herself as she collected the phone, downloaded the app and sat down to explain how it works.  


First, she set up a user account by selecting the option labelled customer. Then guiding her mother, she typed in her name, phone number, email address and home address. “Can we change the address or add more addresses in future if we need an artisan’s service for another building?” Her mother asked. 

She replied in the affirmative. 


Registering on Call2fix and as a single user or a family 

In the conversation that followed, she explained that Call2fix is particularly helpful in scheduling maintenance appointments for any building, whether it is a residential or work building. One can also register as a single user or a family. “If you register as a single user, only you will have access to your dashboard and all the services that Call2fix has to offer,” Jade said.  


“If you register as a family, however, you can add family members like me and Daddy as requesters and permit us to request services on your behalf,” she finished.  


“I think I will like that option very much. I always have plenty of work and you only have schoolwork. You should start learning how to manage things like this,” her mother replied with a satisfied smile. Jade’s jaw dropped as she said “Just schoolwork? Wow, mom” 


Like Jade’s mom, adding a Requester can be a lifesaver for busy executives and anyone else who will prefer designated members of the family to handle repair issues or request services while they focus on other things. The primary account holder can oversee everything that goes on in his dashboard and monitor costs as well as service delivery.  


How to book a plumber, mechanic or other artisans in 4 Easy Steps on Call2fix 

“So, how do I book someone now?” the curious mother pressed.  

“Alrighty, so, from your dashboard, you can place a request by selecting the ‘New request’ option. This dashboard is quite easy to navigate and you can find the features that you need quickly. From the top-left corner here, you can open a new request by either filling an online form or calling a customer attendant to request. The services are grouped into categories like Building Maintenance and Repairs, Home and Office Appliances, Home Services and Logistics and Events.” She said. 


Following, Jade’s mom nodded intermittently as her daughter explained that each of the categories has sub-categories. The subcategories are more specific about the nature of services that you can request. For example, from the Logistics and Events, you can select Catering and Events as a subset. 


When you pick that, it breaks it further into specifics and asks whether you need a DJ, Tea Coffer, Master of Ceremony, Hall and Space Rentals or Catering. Details such as date, quantity can be added in the final submission form that Call2fix puts on your screen.  


If you cannot find the right service description that captures what you need, you can request it specifically by tapping the button labelled “Service not Listed?” or place a call to 0700 25742 6323. 


Once your request is submitted, you will get quotes from up to five possible vendors close to you and a Customer Care rep will call you to confirm the order and ask for more details, if necessary.  


You can track your request from Call2fix using the tracking option on the home page. With this feature, you can monitor your request from the time it is confirmed to the time a handyman or vendor is assigned to it all the way to when it is completed. 


4 easy steps to place your request 

  1. Open a request
  2. Select category and sub-category
  3. Submit the request form
  4. Track your request


“Once your order has been attended to, you can review the quality of service and rate your satisfaction with the service or write a review. Voila! It is as simple and easy as that,” Jade concluded. 

Thank you so much! You have been really helpful,” her mother replied. 


To download the Call2fix app on the iOS store, follow this link. 

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