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Simple Tips To Filter Interactions Through A ‘Context Lens’ When Getting Together With Women

We as soon as went up to a club with my buddies and came across this waitress that is beautiful had been additionally a skill pupil during the neighborhood University.

She ended up being decked out, she had been enjoyable, she was smiling at me—she had been providing me personally every sign within the guide.

Or… maybe she wasn’t, and had been just wanting to do her work and get friendly.

How will you cope with this sorts of situation? How can you avoid making the incorrect judgement, and assuming that she likes you whenever she really does not?

There are two main approaches i love to utilize for filtering these kinds of interactions for context:

1. One Sign Doesn’t Mean Anything

That is one thing we utilized to inform myself whenever I first became conscious of sexual overperception bias.

To place it when you look at the easiest terms, a rule was made by me for myself:

If a lady offers me one attraction signal, she’s just being friendly.