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When the Hanged Man turned up backwards as the very first cards, I became planning on most negativity to follow.

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Practical Question

Through mail, you are questioned: “Please let me know what is going on energetically between me personally and my personal dual flame at this time?” The actual only real issues understand the is questioner is this lady name is Florence, and she's a 27-year-old Pisces.

The Set-Up

By using the Fountain Tarot, you decide on a credit to signify both Florence and her companion. Florence gets the Queen of Cups, as a water indication woman. Being unsure of the sex, sign, or ages of the spouse, you decide on the trick because the additional signifier.

The Scatter

You building the subsequent 3-card wide spread to place between the two signifier notes — to exhibit, practically, what is going on “between” all of them.

This is just what the spread looks like on your tarot table:

Exactly what do you tell Florence?

Yetta’s response

Florence, these cards demonstrate regarding precipice of a large decision, probably feeling worried to leap. The overall content is that you plus mate are mentally safe together.

I usually relate this cards with experience caught and nervous to go on. However, this cards crossed by Hierophant indicates that you might be holding back once again because the concern just before is actually unusually significant. Would be the couple referring to generating the union much more recognized? Among other things, the Hierophant cards is often of a sanctified tying of the knot — my personal roundabout way of stating relationship, or whatever similar was important individually.