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Strava Service. Be sure to relate to the problem solving procedures listed in this article avoiding comparable issues in the future

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Strava for Android

Troubleshooting GPS Problem

GPS is something to estimate location in the world through the use of signals from a couple of orbiting satellites. The global positioning system unit contains the chip within Android equipment along with the satellites over the Earth.

  • Examples of GPS problem
  • Achieving a preliminary GPS lock
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Variable efficiency

Types of GPS Issues

Should you encounter any of the following, your own task may submit an alternative length than you probably journeyed and, regrettably, it will not be feasible for united states to "fill in" the missing information or modify the current information. Luckily, there clearly was additional that you can do avoiding terrible GPS information from being taped than discover to correct it. Be sure to make reference to the troubleshooting measures listed in this short article to prevent close problem down the road.

  • GPS drift: The GPS track deviates from path. You may note that the track normally comes after the form with the path but with significantly less accuracy.
  • Missing GPS sign: In the event that GPS alert is actually forgotten and sometime afterwards re-acquired the pre- and post-signal-loss points are managed as with any various other two things (although longer possess elapsed between them) and connected with a straight line.