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Suu Kyi's appearance ever-present. Myanmar: Protesters reach with tear-gas, stun weapons

Protesters putting on basic safety helmets shout mottos and display design of deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi during an anti-coup protest behind a barrier on a clogged roadway in Yangon, on Tuesday, March 2. Demonstrators won around the roads as Southeast Asian overseas ministers prepared to satisfy to debate the problem.

Teargas in Mandalay

This field, also from Tuesday, reveals demonstrators leaving an impair of tear gas in Mandalay.

Protesters country wide dressed in hard caps and makeshift guards, and obtained behind barricades while chanting and wearing the three-finger salute.

Myanmar: Protesters struck with tear-gas, stun weapons

Three-finger salute for democracy

This three-fingered salute has really become symbolic of the protests in Myanmar. Initially featured within the "appetite game titles" guides and television television series, it had been first followed by surgical associates protesting the coup. There had been no report of every traumas in Yangon on Tuesday, but witnesses advertised that numerous individuals were hurt for the northwestern town of Kale as soon as police dismissed live ammo to distribute a large group.

Myanmar: Protesters struck with tear gas, stun weapons

A mess inside avenues

Protesters search an authorities vehicle's activity during an anti-coup protest on a blacklisted street in Mandalay on Tuesday, March 2. Protesters furthermore marched through the roadway of Dawei, a little urban area in southeast Myanmar with watched almost daily big protests against military services regulation.