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Why Call2Fix?

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Increase your transactions, access new customers – with no marketing budget.

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Stop paying shop rent, remove all restrictions with Call2Fix

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Create wealth for your employees, reduce idle time

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Partner with Alpha Mead, operate with global standards

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How it Works

We are creating an eco-system of building maintenance service providers where customers can connect through Call2Fix mobile application to request for service in pre-defined categories of building maintenance. 


Service providers on Call2Fix will register their businesses and after confirmation, also register their screened artisans in the service category they have been pre-qualified for. Requests from customers from the platform will automatically be allocated to appropriate artisan (who have been registered by a service provider), based on proximity to the customer and the automated rating systems. 


Customers will receive a system-generated personal details of the assigned artisan, which they will use to verify his/her identity on arrival at the job site. On completion of the job, service provider and artisan get paid, in line with Call2Fix payment process. 



Who is a Service Provider on Call2Fix?

A Service Provider is an individual or company who has the human, equipment and financial capacity and capability to provider service in any of the service categories on Call2Fix.  

Can I be a Service Provider without a Registered Company?

Yes. So long as you meet all pre-qualification criteria. However, Call2Fix will encourage you to register your company within your first six months on the platform.  

What are Service Categories on Call2Fix?

The Service Category include: Electrical & Electronics, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electronic Security & Fire Alarms Systems, Generator Maintenance, HVAC/Air Conditioning, Building & Civil works, etc. 

Can I register to provide service in more than one service category?

Yes. However, you must have been pre-qualified for the category. In case, you have not been pre-qualified, you will inform our team who will pre-qualify and add you to more categories on successful completion of your pre-qualification.    

Do I need to pay any registration fee?

No. Registration on Call2Fix is free. 

What’s the minimum number of artisans to begin?

Minimum number of artisans you can register is three. At not time can a service provider have less than three artisans on their account.  

Can an artisan on my network register independently as an artisan?

No. An artisan on a Service Provider’s network but wishes to be registered on Call2Fix independently will first relinquish his or her position with the service provider.  

How do you guarantee security and impersonation?

On registration of artisan, the system generates a unique code that links individual artisan to their Service provider. This code, in addition to the artisan’s image is what the customer receives when they are assigned an artisan. The customer has a duty to check this code to ensure it matches with the artisan’s when the artisan arrives at the job site.  

Can cash payment be made to the artisan or service provider?

No. All Call2Fix transactions are done on the application wallet

How does the transaction work?

On arrival at the job site, the customer is charged a pre-set fee. The artisan then goes on to assess the issue. If it doesn’t require materials, the artisan fixes the issue and the customer is charged a fee. If it requires materials, the artisan quote for the job via the app. The quote goes to the Service Manager at Call2Fix and the customer. Once the customer accepts the quote, the sum is deducted from his/her account. 

How do you guarantee customers?

There is a clear gap in the market for this service. Call2Fix is therefore committing huge resources to ensure that awareness is created for this product to fill the gap. This marketing communication, being carried out by one of Nigeria’s leading Marketing Communications companies, is aimed at bringing more customers for our service providers. We take care of the marketing spend, you get the job. It’s that straightforward. 

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