Terms of services

  • Received Awaiting Assignment – 1hr 


  • Assigned Awaiting Inspection – 24hrs but instant for Emergency 


  • Inspected Awaiting Quotation – 24hrs but instant for Emergency 


  • Quotation Awaiting Acceptance – 24hrs but instant for Emergency 


  • Acceptance Awaiting Execution – 24hrs max to mobilise but instant for Emergency 


  • Completed Awaiting Closing – 48hrs latest. Any job assessed to require longer than 48hrs are classified as projects. To be managed under a separate SLA to be mutually discussed and agreed. 


  • Closed by Customer – 72hrs. Any completed job not closed by customer within this time frame will be automatically closed and considered to have been satisfactorily completed. 


  • On-Hold – 72hrs. Customers can decide to put execution on hold for max of 72 days after payment due to absence. Jobs are automatically cancelled thereafter. Cancellation policy applies. 


  • Cancelled – Customer can cancel jobs not later than 3hrs before scheduled inspection and get full refund. Thereafter, only 50% can be refunded. Assessment fees are non-refundable. 


  • Overdue 

Note: Overdue jobs are those that have not been closed out within 72hrs from when customer accepted quote. All overdue jobs must be automatically escalated to Service Manager and flagged to helpdesk. 

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